Stallholder Information

Welcome to the 2017 Collector Village Pumpkin Festival (CVPF) Stallholder applications.

Stallholler applications are still open for unallocated sites.  Please submit an application on this website if you are interested in a stall.

The application process for sites will be done entirely online.

The Collector Village Pumpkin Festival attracts around 12,000 people year.  Food Stallholders are encouraged to cater for a large number of people wishing to buy food around lunchtime.

Our country festival has a focus on Australian and handmade goods.
In 2017 our site options have changed.

Sites options are available at here.

Site sizes have been set and a map indicates the size and type of stall available.  Power is limited and restricted to only those sites listed.

Stall categories

  • Food Stall
  • Market Stall
  • Information Stall (no items for sale)

Updated Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions have changed and all stallholders are required to read and agree to these conditions on application.  Some of the changes include:

  • Restricted vehicles parking behind sites in 2017.
  • Stallholders passes.
  • Pumpkin Flags for pumpkin themed stalls.

Applications Steps

  1. Stallholder completes 2017 Application Form and Agreement to Terms & Conditions submitted.
  2. Application assessed by Stallholder Team.
  3. Notification sent on if Applications have been accepted or declined (mid-end Feb 2017).
  4. Food Stallholders – Stallholder submits all required forms to Council. Council will advise CVPF once Food Stallholders meet Council requirements.
  5. Stallholder submits to the CVPF email address a copy of current Public Liability Insurance document.
  6. Payment received and cleared.
  7. CVPF advise Stallholder position has been application confirmed.