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Stallholder Information

Welcome to the Collector Village Pumpkin Festival website for stallholders.

We wish to thank the many people that have used this website to apply for sites at the 2016 Pumpkin Festival.  

We have received more applications for sites than we have sites available and while we have done our best to fit as many in as possible, regrettably some people have missed out.

The Pumpkin Festival is an annual event and we continually strive to make every aspect of the festival better each year.  When it comes to our stallholders, it is our policy to avoid as much duplication of stalls as possible, our aim to provide as much variation as possible and our desire to promote handmade, locally crafted and unique products at our market place.  

Please keep this in mind when considering applying for a site next year. 

For now, Stallholder applications have closed.  We will open up the application page for the 2017 Festival in January 2017.  


Many thanks

2016 Pumpkin Festival Committee.